• Digital Health Leadership Program.  The Leadership Program helps prepare a new generation of African digital health leaders. Through workshops, convened in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union and World Health Organization Africa Regional Office (ITU-WHO AFRO) Digital Health Initiative, ministry representatives take part in foundational digital health training, building the skills to accelerate the development and implementation of digital health efforts in their countries.
  • Digital Health Entrepreneur Program. The Entrepreneur Program selects, trains, and funds promising African entrepreneurs helping them become catalytic leaders. We build a community around and for these entrepreneurs, exposing them to the best opportunities for solutions development and business management.
  • Peer Learning.We encourage and facilitate opportunities for digital health stakeholders to learn from each other, and share experiences, challenges, and best practices.
  • Mentorship. We match participants in our Leadership and Entrepreneur Programs with experienced mentors, spanning both the private and public sectors. 
  • Community of Practice.  We enable stakeholders to come together through in-person and virtual meetings to discuss important digital health issues, strengthening and supporting the African digital health ecosystem.